8 Wilsey Square, Ridgewood, NJ 07450

Our Story

At Cravings Tapas Bistro, we’re not just serving dishes; we’re curating an ambiance brimming with energy and merriment. Our mission is to weave unforgettable moments for friends and family gathered around our tables. Each visit to Cravings is designed to imprint an indelible mark upon your senses, harmonizing exquisite flavors with unparalleled service.

As you nestle into our inviting space, we offer you a tapestry of tastes from our diverse menu, a reflection of the rich tapestry of global gastronomy. At the heart of Cravings Tapas Bistro lies our passion for nurturing our community and guests with seasonally inspired dishes that are as thoughtfully sourced as they are delightful to the palate.

We eagerly anticipate the pleasure of hosting you. Prepare to indulge in an experience where every bite is a story and every meal is a memory in the making. Welcome to Cravings, where your culinary adventure awaits.

"Great little place with wonderful service and tasty food. We tried 5 different dishes, all which were delicious. " Camille.

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